Hour: _____

Measurement Test

Please read all directions carefully and completely!

I.        Please write the letter of the best answer in the blank next to the question.  Make sure to read the questions and answers carefully.

1. What is the best unit to use when measuring the length of this piece of paper? ____

a.       millimeters

b.      centimeters

c.       feet

d.      meters

2.  Approximately how many centimeters are in 1 inch? _____

a.       2.5 centimeters

b.      10 centimeter

c.       2 centimeters

d.      12 centimeters

3.  If you have a cube container with a side of length 4 meters, what is the volume of that cube? ______

a.       12 meters cubed

b.      24 meters cubed

c.       64 feet cubed

d.      64 meters cubed

II.   Please write true or false in the blank next to the statement.

      1.  5280 feet is equivalent to the distance of 2 miles.  _________

2.  There are 12 millimeters in 1 centimeter. _________

3.  The formula to find the area of a triangle is A = 1/2 x B x H. _________

III. Match the two equivalent measurements by putting the letter of the correct measurement by the number of the equivalent measurement.  Note you can use a letter more than once.

____ 1. 24 inches               a. 9 feet      

____ 2. 1 centimeter                     b. 0.01 meters

____ 3. 3 yards                c. 1 gallon              

____ 4. 1 pound               d. 2 feet

____ 5. 4 quarts               e. 16 ounces

____ 6. 10 millimeters

IV.  Please fill in the line with the correct answer.

1.  There are ________ meters in 2 kilometers.

2.  What is the surface area of a rectangle with length 5 mm and width of 3 mm? ____

3.  In one hour there are _____ seconds.

V. Please answer the following question in a 4-8 complete sentences.

  1. Why is it important to have different measurement units?

2. Describe a real life situation where you would convert from ounces to pounds and why?

3.  In some measurments we use inches and in other measurements we use yards.  Why do we have small measurements and large measurements?