Lesson Topic: Increasing Recipes Grade level: 7

Materials/Equipment Needed:


The students will be able to manipulate the amount of ingredients needed to increase the size of a given recipe.


As class begins, have a warm-up mathematics review on the board. This is so students can review their previously learned multiplication skills. Let students know we will be collecting the warm-up and the in-class work. Ask students if they’ve ever had to make a snack for a party. Following their response, ask them if they’ve ever changed a recipe to make it fit the number of people at the party. Then announce that today we’re going to learn how to adjust recipes by using mathematics to alter the amounts of the ingredients.


        Go through objective slide

        Work through example on PowerPoint slide (example: Digital pictures of altering the amounts of chocolate chips needed)

        Answer questions if needed

        Hand out recipe for Puppy Chow

        Allow the class time to double the given Puppy Chow recipe (note: Tell students to put their solutions on the warm-up paper)

        Encourage students to work individually to double the recipe and then share with their group members to make sure they all agree

        Put the solution up on PowerPoint

        Hand out samples of Puppy Chow!!


Today we learned how to increase a recipe using multiplication. For homework, students will pick a different recipe to bring in from home. Tomorrow in class we will use fractions to decrease their recipes.


Collect students’ warm-up/in-class assignment. Similar problems will be reflected in final exam.

See Analysis of Direct Instruction Lesson taught in Class