Morgan Park Neighborhood analysis

What I found in and around Morgan Park was mostly a quite neighborhood.  There are parts of this area that are a little run down and other parts that are immaculate.   Morgan Park seemed like a quiet little town nestled on Great Lake Superior, but further away from the school was a busy hi- way MN23. Driving past Morgan Park Middle School there was a football game going on, surprisingly with lots of fans.   Right across the street from the school is the Good Fellowship Community Center with a big building, a little playground, basketball hoops, ice rink and to my surprise a pile of used wood behind the ice rink.  Not too far from the school on 85th was a 2nd park with a playground a soccer field and a baseball field, but even with these two parks I still noticed kids playing on the street.  Something else, of interest to me, were the two gas stations two blocks away from the school.  Remembering back to Middle School I remember skipping school to go to a gas station.  Some of the other things I noticed right around Morgan Park Middle School are the old storage lockers and the many duplexes.

Further away from Morgan Park Middle School but in the area that goes to Morgan park middle school I saw a few other things that could affect the population at Morgan Park Middle School.  There were bars going across the stoplights and I also noticed the run down area of Grand Ave.  Also the bottom of Spirit Mountain the Ski hill is in this neighborhood and the Lake Superior Zoo.  I noticed the number of City bus stops on Grand Ave. and saw some adolescence waiting for a bus, which means that the adolescence can be very mobile around Duluth.

There will defiantly be a little diversity at Morgan Park Middle School, which I am excited for.