Washington WOLVES

Apples"One to One Learning"


This site is dedicated to the work of four students, Jackie, Megan, Johnny, and Aryn. The four of us worked hard on this innitiative for bringing laptop computers to every student in our made up school Washington Middle School. We researched the topic and found that Apple's "One to One" learning was the best proposal that we could find. We completed this assignment by presenting our material, creating a brochure and by creating a PowerPoint Presentation.

The innitative was a leasing for four years. It gave a laptop to every student and every teacher. We calculated cost, developed a mission statement and rational as to why this innitiative would be benificial to the community, the teachers, the students, and the school board. Also in this project we talked about our implementation, loss, breakage and the acceptable use of the laptops for middle schoolers.

All three of these aspects are accessed on this website. The brochure unfortunatly I can only link through a Microsaft Word Document.

Click here to go to our Washington Wolves PowerPoint Presentation.