This is a survey created for Education 5414: Utilizying technology for the Administrative tasks of teaching. It is meant for a fake middle school mathematics classroom. It is meant for a teacher to send home to the parents to find out a little bit about the parents and also for the parents to find out a little bit about the way that my classroom is run. All students in my class will be expected to have their parents complete the survey.

To complete this survey first print a copy off of the PDF format. Next answer all questions completly and accuratly. For my knowledge please answer all questions honestly. After completing a hard copy of this suvey please send it with your child to the classroom. The students will get credit for handing these surveys in. If you have any additional comments questions or concerns that I did not answer please contact me by email or phone. Thank you very much for you time and I am sure this year will be an exciting one.

To access the survey in PDF format please select this link. SURVEY

If you need a PDF reader you can download a copy of Acrobat Reader here.